Paul Tobolowsky, M.D.

Stardust Dancing

A Seeker's Guide to the Miraculous
Dr. Paul Tobolowsky's first book, Stardust Dancing (A Seeker's Guide to the Miraculous), explores how ordinary life is the miraculous in disguise.  It is a blend of science, philosophy, and mystery.  You are far more amazing than you realize.
"I really, really like Stardust Dancing...the writing is clear, uncluttered, clean, lyrical, strong...the message is vital. Dr. Tobolowsky pulls back the veil and transforms the ordinary, so that nothing is ordinary when truly seen, and never has been ordinary. He reclaims our sense of awe and wonder and connectedness with all there is."  Larry Dossey, M.D., physician and author of Space, Time and Medicine

"Paul Tobolowsky has written a book that is required reading for anyone who is alive or hopes to be."  Larry Newman, attorney, author, artist, and musician

"Dr. Tobolowsky is a marvelous tour guide to the universe and to our own lives, pointing out the miracles that surround us, awakening each of us to the wonder and mystery that we are, and transforming daily life from mundane to astonishing. The result for me, and for all who read this marvelous book, is a life of awe, amazement, thanksgiving, and joy."  Rev. Fred Durham, Former Assistant to the Bishop and Director of Ministries, North Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church; Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Garland, Texas

"Stardust Dancing will place every seeker on the pathway to cosmic understanding. There is insight and interconnectedness...Just read it for pure pleasure or as if you belonged to a 'cosmic detective agency.'"  Dr. Gilbert M. Cuthbertson, Professor, Dept. of Political Science, Rice University

"Dr. Tobolowsky's deep and broad understanding of science is what informs his views on the wonders of life and the natural world...This book, approximately equal parts information and inspiration, never fails to lift my spirits."  Dr. Bonnie Jacobs, Professor, Roy M. Huffington Dept. of Earth Sciences, Southern Methodist University

“I just finished reading Stardust Dancing...what a marvelously written and poignant poem in narrative, a special mix of scientific facts and ultimate meaning expressed with deepest humility.  I give it a 5/5 rating!”  Charles Barker, M.D., physician and religious scholar

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